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Rancho Playa del Río Vineyard

Kerman, California

Rancho Playa del Río Vineyard is a 35 acre working ranch located in northern Fresno County nestled upon the San Joaquin River at a point where it is the most northwest point of Kerman, California with Fresno across the street and Madera County across the river.

Rancho Playa del Río is Spanish for "River Beach Ranch".  Rancho Playa del Río is one of the few ranches on the San Joaquin River that has a beach front rather than bluffs.  This makes for a variety of very picturesque views.


In 2018,  Rancho Playa del Río vines had their 100th anniversary.

Historically,  the San Joaquin River was utilized for transportation and shippping products in and out of the valley via steam ships and paddle boats.  Ships came into the valley at its most northern point in Kerman, California, which was Sycamore Point.  Many believe Sycamore Point was located at the end of Sycamore Avenue which now is Rancho Playa del Río Vineyard.

Rancho Playa del Río Vineyard is the perfect location for a San Joaquin Valley (in the Central Valley) destination wedding.  Amidst the Fresno Wine Journey and Madera Wine Trails,  a few minutes away from the Historic Foresteire Gardens,    Yosemite National Park is a one and a half hour drive  from Kerman and an hour and a quarter drive from Fresno.  Fresno County is also proud of its parks. Roeding Park has the newly updated Chafee Zoo, Storyland and Playland.   Kearney Park is a local historic favorite with the Annual Civil War Enactment, The Renaissance Fair, and the Pirate Festival,  and the Annual Scottish Games.   And let's not  forget to visit the Kearney Manor Woodward Park has its Japanese Gardens, walking paths, and summer concert series.   Farmer's Markets throughout the community make grocery shopping fun and healthy.  Clovis is known for it's Old Town charm, farmer's markets year-round, the annual Clovis Rodeo and Big Hat days.  These are just a few of the things you can enjoy with family and friends when planning your destination wedding.  Don't hesitate to ask for assistance planning outings for your guests or just enjoy the serene country setting of the Central Valley.

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